About La Rae

imageimageI am a mother to a freshman in high school and wife for almost 20 years. As a family we love to travel and have seen much of the world here and abroad. Besides music, I love art, flowers and adventures like zip-lining.

I grew up in Sioux Falls SD. I was greatly influenced by my hard working parents: a salesman and music teacher. I was taught that I could do anything I put my mind to do, to always leave things nicer than you found them, volunteer to help others and to always do your best.


My passion is people; it inspires me to see people learn and grow. I graduated from the University of Sioux Falls with a Degree in Music Education followed by a Masters of Divinity from Sioux Falls Seminary. I worked as a paid Minister for 7 years, 3 years in North Minneapolis and 4 years in Cottage Grove (beginning in 2000). In 2002, we moved to Cottage Grove and have been in the same home for almost 14 years. In 2004 I helped with a church plant and began to teach young child music classes along with music lessons in both my home and a variety of other locations. I established my company, A# Music Studios, in 2009 and moved into my current commercial space in April of 2010. I have 9 other teachers who instruct music lessons part time as independent contractors at my studio. Together, over 6 years, we have brought and taught the love of music to many in our community.image

I have been involved in many different boards and committees. Most recently, I was on the Minnesota Music Teachers Association (MMTA) board of directors (2012-2014) and currently on a very active MMTA convention committee. I am a commissioner on Cottage Grove Arts Commission and have overseen the Strawberry Fest Talent Show and Cottage Grove Sings competition. You can hear more about that event in the video above.

Over the past year I have worked tirelessly to pass legislation at our MN State Capital that dealt with board accountability, training and transparency. Through this process I have learned a great deal about governmental process and understand the importance of clear and concise statements.

I will work hard for Cottage Grove, strive to fully listen to residents and make fully informed decisions that will benefit our community. My desire is to see Cottage Grove continue to steadily grow…a place where people want to stay.